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BC Seafood Festival 2019

This weekend, Gindara Sablefish joined some of Canada's best seafood producers and chefs at the BC Seafood Festival. Held in Comox Valley on the coast of the picturesque Vancouver Island every year, the festival is a celebration of local and sustainable seafood open to both industry and consumers alike.

After two days of displaying Gindara Sablefish at the expo portion of the event, we were honoured to have Chef Ronald St Pierre of Locals Restaurant serve the fish at the closing reception. The event was abuzz with producers, seafood associations, non-profit organizations, and government officials. Chef Ronald pan-seared Gindara Sablefish on a buckwheat blini - much to the attendees' delight. Other dishes at the event included barbecued oysters, baked Arctic char, and swimming scallops, amongst other local delicacies.

Pan-seared Gindara Sablefish by Chef Ronald St Pierre

The following night, the annual ticketed gala which kicks off the consumer portion of the BC Seafood Festival took place with some of Canada's best-known chefs serving up their favourite local seafood. Attendees enjoyed the beautiful Filberg Park, while Executive Chef Ned Bell of Ocean Wise and the Vancouver Club prepared poached Gindara Sablefish served with blueberries and walnuts to the VIP reception.

Finally the last portion of the almost week-long festival arrived. The two-day consumer festival was packed full with events including two cooking stages with non-stop culinary competitions and demos, as well as plenty of food and drink options throughout Filberg Park. Chef Derek Bendig of Fairmont Whistler and Claire Dawson of Ocean Wise Seafood took the stage to talk about ocean conservation and the reasoning behind Ocean Wise's thumbs up recommendation of Gindara Sablefish. As no culinary demonstration is complete without some cooking, Chef Derek prepared a smoked sablefish salad in a wrapped cedar paper that was lit on fire, promptly blown out, and allowed to infuse the salad with subtle flavours of cedar. The result was an intricate dish with complex flavours that wowed attendees.

Chef Derek Bendig (Fairmont Whistler) and Claire Dawson (Ocean Wise Seafood) with smoked Gindara Sablefish

Sablefish salad wrapped in cedar paper for flavour infusion

Final result: Smoked Gindara sablefish salad with flavours of cedar

We loved being a part of the BC Seafood Festival and were truly appreciative of all the chefs who cooked with Gindara Sablefish and showcased the fantastic flavours in multiple ways. We can't wait till next year!

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