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Culinary Team BC cooks in Kyuquot Sound

Kyuquot Sound is a remote, boat-access only village on the wild north-west coast of Vancouver Island. So it's a rare event when a group of eight chefs descend upon the community hall and cater an entire gourmet multi-course lunch buffet for the inhabitants of the peaceful Kyuquot Sound.

Culinary Team BC is a team of British Columbian chefs that compete in the International Culinary Olympics, taking place every year in Stuttgard, Germany. For the upcoming February 2020 competition, Culinary Team BC has entered into the catering competition - meaning they must cater an entire multi-course menu under a time limit. It requires extreme discipline, cooperation, and organization to pull off. As part of their training, Culinary Team BC rehearses their menu in multiple types of kitchens and locations in order to habituate themselves to a variety of conditions. As a sponsor for Culinary Team BC, Gindara Sablefish invited the team to come visit Kyuquot Sound and treat the community to their gourmet lunch.

After uniting in Campbell River, the team made the long drive to Fair Harbour, before boarding a barge - refrigerated truck and all, for a boat-ride to Kyuquot. On the first day, we brought the team to see the ancient abandoned whaling port, the Kyuquot village, an oyster bed where we harvested wild oysters to grill for dinner, and we even spotted black bears along the beaches on the boat ride back to the house. Dinner was a celebratory affair with the freshly grilled oysters accompanying steaks with citrus-butter, grilled vegetables, and of course fresh Gindara sashimi. That night, everyone slept contented with full bellies.

The next day, after lots of hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches (made to order by Culinary Team BC), we all headed out to the Kyuquot village where a group effort was made to clean the community hall and to set up all the long tables and chairs in preparation for lunch. Culinary Team BC busied themselves in the kitchen with expert timing and professionalism. Before noon even struck, word had spread in the village, and eager residents started coming by. Soon enough, the hall was packed with families enjoying a 5-course lunch of:

- Chicken Liver Pate with Port Wine Jelly, Pickled Beet and Onion Crisp

- Mixed Greens, Smoked Salmon Crouton, Vinaigrette

- Miso Cured Gindara Sablefish with Pot Sticker, Taro Cake, and King Oyster Mushroom

- Ash-Rubbed Lamb Leg au Jus, Prosciutto, Lamb Croquette and Vegetable Pave

- Acorn Squash Strudel, Chimi Churri, Potato Foam, and Textures of Carrots

Looking around the hall at everyone's jubilant faces, it was obvious that Culinary Team BC had created a successful lunch. It was white tablecloth restaurant meets the nature of the Pacific Northwest.

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