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Gindara Sablefish is the only ocean-farmed sablefish produced in the world. We take pride in producing a unique sablefish that is:  

  • Free of kudoa (jelly flesh) 

  • Sashimi grade fresh 

  • Harvested weekly 

  • Consistent in size and availability 

  • High in fat content and omega 3s 

  • Ocean Wise Recommended

  • Native to British Columbia 

  • Raised in partnership with the Kyuquot-Checleseht First Nations 



"As a Chef, I work extremely hard to know the who, the what and the where my food for my kitchens is grown. Gindara Sablefish is a spectacular fish and is delicious, but most importantly, having visited the farm in Kyuquot Sound, and having met the crew, I know it is also raised responsibly and sustainably by farmers who care deeply about the fish, the environment, and the future."

Executive Chef Ned Bell, The Vancouver Club


"Gindara Sablefish is the only sablefish that our Sushi Chef Masa Kudo allows at Blue Water Cafe’s Raw Bar. It is always supremely fresh, rich and buttery in flavour yet firm to the bite. When cooked, the Gindara is succulent and moist with an amazing velvety texture."

Executive Chef Frank Pabst, Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar


"Gindara Sablefish is by far my favourite fish to eat and prepare for SABOR's customers. Healthy, sustainable and rich in flavour, I'm very proud to serve it at our property and off-site. The relationships we've developed with the fine folks at Gindara Sablefish are also incredibly meaningful to me, my business partner Christian Mena and our entire staff. Gindara Sablefishs commitment to supporting SABOR's charity partners and bringing awareness to sustainable seafood is unparalleled. We are very grateful and will continue to buy and serve Gindara Sablefish."

Executive Chef Lino Oliveira, SABOR 


Sablefish poke with ikura and kelp
Seared sablefish
Sablefish sashimi
Gindara sablefish nigiri aburi style
Sablefish tataki
Charcoal-grilled Gindara Sablefish (Photo credit: Leila Kwok)
Koji-Cured Gindara
Aburi Gindara nigiri (Photo credit: Chef Jun Young Park)
Miso-marinated Gindara Sablefish
Gindara Sablefish collars
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