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We respect the ocean and are grateful for our beautiful coastal ecosystem. As such, we raise Gindara Sablefish in their native oceanic environment, with the goal of conserving our natural resources. We do this by feeding our fish low quantities of wild fish so as to take from the ocean as little as possible. We add no chemicals so as to keep our waters pristine, and we are mindful of cultivating a non-genetically modified, native species to British Columbia. Our fish are raised by hand, and we keep our ecological footprint small by avoiding industrial farming.



Our environmental responsibility does not end at the farm level. We believe in minimizing our impact on earth not only in the way we raise our fish, but also along its travel to reach you. That’s why we have committed to implementing sustainable packaging.

Gindara Sablefish are processed in local facilities, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would be significantly higher if our fish were shipped internationally for processing. 


We feed Gindara Sablefish a nutritious diet while keeping our reliance on wild fish low. We don’t believe that oceans should be emptied of wild fish to support aquaculture, so our fish eat: 

  • Sustainable forage fish that cannot be sourced from illegal, unreported, or unregulated fisheries. The forage fish cannot be deemed vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered by the IUCN Red List. 

  • Undesirable cuts of protein, that would otherwise be wasted due to human food preferences. These travel no more than 2,000km in an effort to source as close-by as possible, in order to reduce greenhouse gases. 

  • Plant protein 

  • Seeds 

  • Vitamins and minerals 

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Don’t just take our word for it. Third-party sustainable seafood programs from the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions have assessed us. Gindara Sablefish is recommended as a sustainable choice by the Ocean Wise Seafood Program, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program has rated us as a Green Best Choice.
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Our facilities ensure egg-to-plate traceability so that you can be certain that the fish you receive is a true Gindara Sablefish. We can trace every fish back to its exact origins at the hatchery.

Gindara Sablefish is Buy BC certified, so you can feel good about supporting a fish that has been grown, harvested, raised, and processed right here in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

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